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Two dimensional art, prints, documents or negatives can be digitally archived in a file format of the customers choice and reproduced as prints with our digital scanning and printing services.

Do you have a collection of historic or artist's film negatives you would like digitized with all or selected images produced as prints? Let Chip Forelli use his years of printing expertise to  produce the best image possible from your original as an archival fine art print.

Personal pick up and delivery service for originals is available in the USA depending upon the scope of the project.


Bunny Yeager Collection - 


"As the archivist for the Bunny Yeager Collection I was oftentimes trying to use negatives that were 50 or 60 years old to produce modern silver gelatin prints, which was Bunny’s medium of choice.  As these negatives often had issues, we had to look for a solution to create editions. Chip Forelli shared his immense knowledge to create duplicate negatives that were already burned and dodged, saving us many hours in the darkroom. I can vouch for his professionalism and dedication to his craft."

Ed Christin- Archivist for the Andy Sweet Photo Legacy and the Bunny Yeager Collection

"Realm" Exhibition -


"Chip Forelli is the rarest of artists. While helping me put together my “Realm” exhibit at the DVAA, Chip coached me in Adobe Photoshop, helped curate my collection, generated high resolution scans of my 35mm & 645 negatives, printed and framed my images to the highest standard. He’s an accomplished and inspiring photographer, himself, so he brings a deeply informed game plan and excellence into the work of his clientele."

Eddie Marritz- Freelance Director of Photography/Filmaker

Scanned large format transparencies -


"The services and more than that, the guidance, provided by Chip Forelli in converting my body of large format 4x5 color transparencies, as well as b&w negatives, to digital images has enabled my photography to continue on in this age of digital printing. Without the conversion by Chip, my 40 years of work, would have been confined to what I could produced by the almost non-existent darkroom supplies needed to for fine art photographic prints. Even more than that, the conversion of film negatives to digital images has allowed me to explore tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom which have enabled further enhancements to even more stunning prints than my negatives allowed me to produced in the dark room. Chip Forelli guided me through the process and offered his expertise, using his superior drum scanning services that out performed the flat bed scanner that I had been using with less than satisfactory results. Chip is a professional photographer who understands what is required to deliver high quality results. It is only because of Chip's excellent work in converting my images, that I have been able to produce large metal prints that have recently accepted by the AFA Gallery.  Without any reservations, I can wholeheartedly recommend Chip's services to anyone who wants to preserve their negatives or transparencies for generations to come."  

Bob Vielee- Photographer

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