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Chip Forelli-

"We are surrounded by unrevealed visual gifts - they occur naturally or are introduced by the hand of man.  The emotional high I experience upon their discovery is relived through making expressive photographic prints of these overlooked and underestimated but finally vindicated subjects.  The viewer’s surprise at my photographic interpretation completes the circle of satisfaction."   

Chip Forelli has spent decades immersed in the world of fine art photography, creating emotionally compelling and atmospheric images of the landscape, revealing nature's inherent beauty and the hand of man's presence upon it.

 His diverse experience with photography is exhibited through the commercial assignment work he's done for financial, industrial, architectural, pharmaceutical institutions as well as the corporate portraiture and product photography provided to advertising and corporate clients worldwide ranging from blue chips to new start ups. His personal black and white landscape work has been published and exhibited internationally, and he passes his knowledge on to photography enthusiasts through group and one on one workshops.

Chip Forelli also consults with businesses, corporations, non-profits and private home owners on an array of photographic projects ranging from photography of facilities, operations, personnel, private property (grounds) and/or private collections. Bringing any of these endeavors to fruition through photography, whether it be following a precise plan, in collaboration, or creating one from scratch, Chip Forelli consistently and professionally utilizes his unique vision to produce results that go beyond expectations.

Chip's expertise in all aspects of his photography comes from working with both film and digital cameras in formats of 35 mm and 2 1/4 along with 4x5 and 8x10 film view cameras and many years producing prints in the darkroom and digitally. Chip currently shoots either film, (for that film sensibility - a certain look desired by some clients), or digitally. Using Photoshop and digital printing, Chip embraces select new technologies to deliver optimal quality images to his clients. His vast knowledge and experience shines through in his beautifully crafted fine art archival digital images and prints. 

Chip Forelli extends his expertise by offering the highest resolution scanning of negatives and prints,  retouching and restoration services, for both personal family photos and estate, museum and historic society collectionsChip especially enjoys producing prints from photographer's negatives that exist in archived collections but have never been printed.  With the help of precise and careful scanning, restoration, and retouching, these images can be brought to light for historical longevity and the admiration of photography devotees.

Chip has shared his passion for photography through many years of teaching domestically and abroad at well established, independent workshop programs. He continues sharing his vast knowledge of photography in both color and black & white with his positive and encouraging approach to teaching, motivating his students to express themselves more successfully through their photography. His workshops and private mentoring sessions inspire photographers ranging from beginners to professionals seeking to enhance their abilities. 


To learn more about one on one or small group mentoring sessions, corporate team sessions, or to invite Chip Forelli to give a workshop or presentation in your area please email us at or call (570) 224-0873.

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