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With many years of extensive experience in photographic production Chip Forelli is happy to

assist you with creative input and to help develop an effective and cost conscious production plan.




Photographic assignments on location that I've produced range from photographing a home- made sign on a Gulf of Mexico pier announcing "Fresh Fish" to shutting down a street in New York City with police support, crowd control, talent, crew, camera cranes, catering, water trucks wetting down the street, and child care services.

All levels of photographic production share several things in common - close collaboration with the creative team, satisfying their objectives and pushing the creativity as far as possible so the clients get more than they hoped for.

Casperia 1.jpg
Still Life 3 copy.JPG


Still life photography is to me the most creative form of image making because one starts with a blank canvas - we are able to sculpt a photograph from scratch with compositional elements and lighting. With the help of a unique approach to lighting I've developed, ordinary subjects are transformed and elevated in appeal, holding the viewers interest and recording an indelible image in the viewer's mind.

Alternately, should my clients prefer, I can implement a more documentary approach in photographing products and objects, optimizing with precise control of lighting and composition the subject's most important identifying features in a clear, straightforward and memorable way.


Interior and exterior architectural photography present me with opportunities to explore and elegantly document our living and business environments.  My degree in architecture gives me special insight and an affinity for this type of photography.


Texture, shape, line and tone reign supreme in architecture, and recording their relationships in an expressive way is a form of photographic expression I love to immerse myself in.  Doing this for the client in an unobtrusive and respectful way is essential and is the mark of a professional.

Skyscraper Moving Clouds copy.jpg
Residential Real Estate copy.jpg


Complete coverage of real estate properties includes individual rooms, interior details, all elevations including 3/4 angle beauty shots of the exterior structure and landscaping.  The optimal time of day to shoot the property in relation to the path of the sun is scouted ahead of time in order to ensure the best results in terms of lighting. 

My approach is to work quickly, cleanly, quietly and thoroughly, and provide the agent with more than they contracted for in quantity and quality, all on schedule and within budget.

Preparing to Hoist Color copy.jpg


The opportunity to be visually intrigued is often there even where we don't expect it to happen. The world of industry presents me with plenty of opportunities to create compelling imagery, and my industrial clients hire me to find those instances and invariably, surprise them. This is one of the most satisfying parts of being a photographer.

Safety is an important an serious serious side to this type of photography.  Adhering to safety guidelines, taking safety training courses, properly outfitting myself and crew, and staying out of the way of company personnel are essential parts of the process.

Pharm - Medical copy.jpg



Business and corporate personnel can be photographed individually in a casual or formal way on site with available light or supplemental lighting in their individual business environments or other suitable surroundings.  It can be effective to push the creative approach to portraiture.  We photographed an attorney who focused his practice on the agriculture industry in his sizable leather office chair perched on top of a hill in a field - it received considerable attention!

With proper planning numerous  personnel can be photographed in an expedient, creative, non invasive fashion with special attention always being paid to the chosen background. Group photographs can be handled in a similar way.  

CathyLee copy.jpg


As in industrial photography, my strength is in elevating what is normally considered "boring" to a level that is not only relevant, but visually striking. With the right camera angle, cropping and lighting, ordinary or mundane things come to life.


When I photograph a pharmaceutical or scientific facility, I preview the areas to be photographed with a company representative who informs me about what processes, personnel and objects need to be photographed.  We set up a shooting schedule that is coordinated with the company's work flow so as not to interfere with it's operation or personnel. We are familiar with clean room procedures. Our objective is be creative while working in a rapid and unobtrusive way.


 Chiat / Day Advertising / BMW Motorcyles -


"On the shoot Chip was remarkably adaptable and came equipped so that he could do most anything we wanted to try (at one point we'd taken the ramp off the UHaul trailer so that we could have the client drive the bike off it with  speed so we could get the bike in the air; and Chip had laser triggers which allowed him to get the bike in exactly the right spot as it was in midair. "


 Chiat / Day Advertising / Doctors Without Borders -

"Once we had an idea for a campaign, i knew that Chip would do a fantastic job. It was just a matter of weather he was interested and he was. Not sure everything would go so swimmingly today as we were putting up signs that said "Area Mined" in Central Park and "Sniper at Work" in Midtown Manhattan.

Thought that everything he did was fantastic. Always better than expected"                     

Mark Klein- Senior Art Director

Viewpoint Construction -

"With a personal passion for photography myself, I’ve long admired Chip’s work and vision. I was delighted when the opportunity arose to work with him. He has an incredible attention to detail and understanding of how time, light, and form work together to create magical imagery of often very ordinary things."


"On location, Chip is the consummate professional and problem solver – and is one of the hardest working photographers I’ve met. He works tirelessly to coax an image out of seemingly nothing, quickly spotting opportunities and nailing the shot. And he does it all with a smile. If you’re looking to differentiate your brand, I highly recommend Chip as a versatile partner delivering enormous value that cuts through visual clutter online or in print. It’s simply money well-invested"

Patrick Prothe- Marketing Communications Director

 HSR Business to Business / Eclipse Aviation -

'It was a pleasure working with Chip. After calling and hiring him for this assignment, he wasted no time.  He reviewed my comp of the brochure and he already had ideas of a photo-shoot list. He also works well under pressure. We discussed prior to shooting the cover shot that we wanted to have a half day for set up and shooting, because that shot would set the standard for the other photos. Unfortunately because of the Eclipse 500 jet flight tests we were given permission for use of the jet for only 15 mins. While I started to panic internally, Chip jumped right into action. He pulled out a compass, proceeded to look up to see the direction of the sun and quickly directed the engineer to park the jet right where Chip instructed. Once the jet was in position, Chip grabbed an assembly-line ladder and his camera, climbed up and snapped several shots. Before Chip even finished stepping of the ladder, the jet was on it's way back to the hanger. He approached me with a confident smile and said, "We got the shot." At that point I knew he was a natural."

"He is not only one of the best photographers I know, he always listens to what you have to say and is always willing to suggest ways to improve the final results. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again someday."

Gerardo Pasqualleti- Creative Director

 Kinzelman Art Consulting / Plains Exploration and Production -

"Our services were recommended by an architectural firm who had renovated the Plains Exploration and Production (PXP) space. We suggested the concept of having a photographer document the company's industry through a unique and artful approach. I served as the curator and director of the photo shoot and the complete layout of the space."

"I met Chip in a formal review process of his work at Fotofest and the beauty, formality, and measured confidence of his work set him apart from the many other artists I met with that week."

"Chip has tremendous experience, patience and insight that allows him to approach each project with great clarity. He was wonderful to collaborate with and gave me a strong feeling of confidence in his abilities that I was able to let him respond to each environmental needs without my direction. Chip's thoughtful and purposeful approach to his subject is a reflection of Chip's success as an artist. His work speaks for itself."

Julie Kinzelman- Owner & Art Consultant

Quinn Fable Advertising / MicroSoft, AT&T, Nabisco, Medco -

"Chip Forelli has been one of our lead photographers over the past decade. 

He delivers incredible work, time after time — even under extreme pressure.

Kathy Fable- CEO, Quinn Fable Advertising

Grace & Rothschild Advertising / Land Rover -

"I believe that one of the greatest skills a creative director can cultivate is the ability to realize when you are not the most talented guy in the room. After working with Chip many times I realized that I needed to adjust my typical process for the projects we would work on together. Rather than arrive at the shoot with a firm idea of what the final image should be, I now show up and keep my mouth shut. Invariably, the final image that Chip creates is so much more than what I had in my mind’s eye."

Patrick Sutherland- Executive Creative Director, CEO, Direct Ignition

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